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Industry leading water sampling analysis


Flowtech Engineering is a leading specialist service provider in the Irish and European HVAC industry that is dedicated to providing first class customer service and high-quality workmanship. 

HVAC Commissioning Testing & Balancing


With technical HVAC systems, more compressed construction periods and increasingly more specific building codes, our commissioning technicians will be able to provide in-depth technical knowledge and experience in all aspects of mechanical services systems across all industries. 

Pipework Flushing & Cleaning (BSRIA)

We provide comprehensive water treatment solutions for all new and existing closed loop and water services systems. We offer a fully comprehensive pipework pre-commission and chemical cleaning service for the HVAC industry. 

Pipework Side Stream Filtration

We offer an alternative pipework cleaning method which uses high efficiency filtration to remove fine particles and suspended solids from the system water to greatly improve the water quality within closed loop systems. 

Commissioning Management

Management of services and trades to effectively deliver a fully functional integrated system as per the design intent. 

Heat Load testing

We are equipped to supply, install and perform head load testing on large scale data halls. Heat load testing provides verification of the data hall cooling plant prior to the installation of live data hall equipment. 

Cleanroom Performance & Testing

Flowtech Engineering is leading the Cleanroom Performance Testing industry through innovation and customer service. 

Flowtech Engineering are one of our approved strategic partners for commissioning and validation and would recommend them as a subject matter expert in their field of expertise.

- Design Manager, Mechanical Contractor 

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