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 pipework cleaning

Pipework Side Stream Filtration.

Due to the high volumes of water consumed on large scale projects during the standard chemical cleaning processes, alternative methods of pipework cleaning can offer a more attractive water treatment solution for large volume closed loop systems.


This more environmentally friendly option uses high efficiency filtration to remove fine particles and suspended solids from the system water to improve the water quality within closed loop systems. This pipework cleaning option is highly effective when used on existing ‘high priority’ systems which are currently in use. The filtration of the system water can be carried out while the system remains in operation and until the water quality reaches a satisfactorily level.


Side stream filter housings with filters ranging from 50 to1 micron can be connected onto new and existing systems in most applications. Flowtech can offer a wide range of innovative temporary side stream filtration skids for filtration of new or existing closed loop systems. 

multi stage filtration skid

This option can efficiently clean compromised and high-risk systems through the ongoing side stream filtration process with minimum impact on the live operation of the system.

The side stream filtration skids that we have in our collection range 5 L/s to 50 L/s to cater for the needs of any project.

The filtration system used on these skids can also be altered between bag filtration and cartridge filtration to meet the requirements of the job.

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